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Winamp DJ Set Up

 Download Winamp and Shoutcast dsp,
1). Install both making sure the dj installs winamp first.
2). Open Winamp
   a). Go to options/prefrences then
   b). Scroll left hand window for DSP,
   c). Select shoutcast dsp from right window, popup appears behind winamp, labelled Shoutcast Source.
TIP.. Windows XP Pro/Vista and Windows 7 users need to right click on their winamp shortcut and choose run as admin for the shoutcast source settings to save properly.

Output Tab Part 1

Click Output Tab:

1). Select connection box,
2). Enter Stream Address:
3). Enter PORT: Your Port Here
4). Enter Password: **********
5). Leave connect at start up unticked

Output Tab Part 2

Click Yellow Pages Tab (on same page):

1). Change description to InnerBassRadio,
2). Change url to http://innerbassradio.com 
3). Change Genre To: Urban,
4). Untick title updates.
5). Output configuration complete.

Choose legacy mode by ticking the box.


Encoder Tab

Click Encoder Tab:
1). Click encoder type, Choose MP3  
2). Click encoder settings Select 128kbs 44 100khz Stereo

Input Tab

Click Input Tab:
Select input device as soundcard